Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fee only adviser?

A fee only adviser is one who, in most circumstances, is compensated solely by the client, with neither the adviser nor any related party receiving compensation that is contingent upon the purchase or sale of a financial product.  

Why is fee only compensation of critical importance?

An adviser who has a financial stake in the course of action that he recommends to a client faces an inherent conflict of interest and cannot be considered objective and unbiased. This is true even if the adviser truly believes that he has only the best interests of the client at heart. Unfortunately, the vast majority of financial advisers in the United States are sellers of financial products.

Substantially all of their income is dependent upon their ability to steer their clients to a limited number of the thousands of financial products available today. Putting aside the conflict of interest factor, this limiting of choices, in and of itself, often is enough to impact the quality of the investment advice. These advisers include stock brokers, analysts, insurance agents, accountants and attorneys, as well as financial planners. Many of their clients are not aware of their advisers’ dependence on selling products, or they do not recognize its significance.

Many of the problems that confront Americans today in their financial affairs – including the mismanagement of debt, failure to protect retirement assets and poor allocation of savings and investments – relate directly to the conflicts of interest that pervade the marketplace.

What experience do you have?

I have many years experience as a Certified Public Accountant. However, remember that degrees, credentials and honors are not the same as experience, wisdom, sound judgment and integrity.

Will you be the only person working with me?

As owner of the company I will be your close adviser. I also have administrative support staff who will be assisting me.

Can you help me develop a plan to retire in a number of years?

Yes, I can if it's possible.

Will you advise me on retirement spending?

Yes, this is a regular request.



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